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Symposia Track C - Autoimmunity, allergy and transplantation

Tobias Bopp
David Masopust
Francesca Granucci

Symposium 2 - Maintenance and local regulation of tissue specific immunity

Sunday, September 2, 2018; 16:30-17:45

Chairpersons: Muzlifa Haniffa, United Kingdom & Percy Knolle, Germany

Tobias Bopp, Germany
Context- and Mucosa-specific Regulation of Immunity and Tolerance by Regulatory T Cells

David Masopust, United States
Functions of Resident Memory T Cells

Francesca Granucci, Italy
Activation of Ca2+ regulated pathways downstream of Pattern Recognition Receptors



Trevor Owens
Attila Mocsai
David Wraith

Symposium 5 - Immune signalling and therapy in autoimmunity

Monday, September 3, 2018; 14:45-16:00

Chairpersons: Ed Geissler, Germany & Güher Saruhan-Direskeneli, Turkey

Trevor Owens, Denmark
Myeloid and glial cells collaborate to regulate neuroinflammation

Attila Mocsai, Hungary
Intracellular signaling during autoimmune inflammation

David Wraith, United Kingdom
How to modulate TCR signalling for peptide therapy in autoimmunity



Piotr Trzonkowski
Mette Hazenberg
Chiara Bonini

Symposium 15 - Transplantation

Tuesday, September 4, 2018; 14:45-16:00

Chairpersons: David Wraith, United Kingdom & Oliver Papst, Germany

Piotr Trzonkowski, Poland
Treating autoimmune diseases with T regulatory cells – first clinical data

Mette Hazenberg, The Netherlands
Innate lymphoid cells and microbioma in GvHD

Chiara Bonini, Italy
Transplantation, T cell engenering



Sivia Gregori
Benoit Salomon
Eva Martinez Caceres

Symposium 17 - Manipulation of tolerance

Tuesday, September 4, 2018; 16:30-17:45

Chairpersons: Anja ten Brinke, The Netherlands & Anna Sediva, Czech Republic

Silvia Gregori, Italy
Engineered Dendritic Cells to re-establish Antigen-Specific Tolerance in T-cell Mediated Diseases

Benoit Salomon, France
The role of cell metabolism in Treg biology and function

Eva Martínez Caceres, Spain
Tolerogenic dendritic cells as therapeutic strategy to induce tolerance in MS



Magnus Wickman
Winfried Pickl

Symposium 20 - Allergy, asthma and therapy

Wednesday, September 5, 2018; 08:30-09:45

Chairpersons: Clare Lloyd, United Kingdom & Rudolf Valenta, Austria

Bart Lambrecht, Belgium
Spontaneous protein crystallization in asthma: A new pathway for intervention

Jürgen Wienands, Germany
Isotype-specific regulation of BCR signal transduction

Winfried Pickl, Austria
Genetic restriction of antigen-presentation dictates allergic sensitization and disease in humanized mice



Alberto Mantovani
Hans-Uwe Simon
Pablo Pelegrin Vivancos

Symposium 23 - Innate control of inflammation and tissue repair

Wednesday, September 4, 2018; 13:45-15:00

Chairpersons: Vèronique Witko-Sarsat, France & Zsolt Szepfalusi, Austria

Alberto Mantovani, Italy
The yin yang of phagocyte regulation and inflammatory cytokines

Hans-Uwe Simon, Switzerland
Extracellular DNA traps: Neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils

Pablo Pelegrin Vivancos, Spain
Mitochondrial failure in monocytes immunocompromise the NLRP3 inflammasome in human sepsis


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