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Symposia Track A - Immune development and differentiation

Muzlifah Haniffa
Ido Amit
Martin Guilliams

Symposium 4 - Myeloid lineage specification

Monday, September 3, 2018; 08:30-09:45

Chairpersons: William Agace, Denmark & Ed Lavelle, Ireland

Muzlifah Haniffa, United Kingdom
Consequences of antigen presenting cell networks in the skin

Ido Amit, Israel
The power of ONE: Immunology in the the age of single cell genomics

Martin Guilliams, Belgium
The macrophage niche: in search of the tissue-specific signals controlling macrophage development



Hans Reimer
Kai Kisand
Arne Akbar

Symposium 7 - Immune development and aging from the cradle to the grave

Monday, September 3, 2018; 14:45-16:00

Chairpersons: Nuno Alves, Portugal & Ricardo Pujol-Borrel, Spain

Hans Reimer Rodewald, Germany
Dissecting blood and immune cell lineages by endogenous barcoding

Kai Kisand, Estonia
Central tolerance - implications from monogenic autoimmunity

Arne Akbar, United Kingdom
Strategies for enhancing human immunity during ageing



Peter Openshaw
Marianne van Hage
Tomas Kalina

Symposium 10 - Immunomonitoring and biomarkers

Monday, September 3, 2018; 16:30-17:45

Chairpersons: Christine Falk, Germany & Barbaros Oral, Turkey

Peter Openshaw, United Kingdom
Protective vaccination against respiratory viruses

Marianne van Hage, Sweden
Biomarkers for allergen-specific immunotherapy

Tomas Kalina, Czech Republic
Cytometry, immunmonitoring



Robert Brink
Karin Tarte
Theo Rispens

Symposium 12 - Germinal centers and B cell differentiation

Tuesday, September 4, 2018; 08:30-09:45

Chairpersons: Marieke van Ham, The Netherlands & Jürgen Wienands, Germany

Robert Brink, Australia
Germinal centers under the lens; control of B cell differentiation by antigen
and follicular Thelper cells

Karin Tarte, France
Microenvironment in B-cell lymphomas: friend or foe?

Theo Rispens, The Netherlands



Greta Guarda
Theo Geijtenbeek
Marina Botto

Symposium 13 - Initiation of immune responses

Tuesday, September 4, 2018; 14:45-16:00

Chairpersons: Anna Erdei, Hungary & tba

Greta Guarda, Switzerland
Regulation of cytotoxic responses

Theo Geijtenbeek, The Netherlands
Dendritic cells in HIV-1 sensing and restriction

Marina Botto, United Kingdom
The role of Complement in Tolerance



Ahmet Ozen
Anne Puel
Kaan Boztug
© MedUni Vienna/Matern

Symposium 18 - Lessons learned from the genetic defects

Tuesday, September 4, 2018; 16:30-17:45

Chairpersons: Günnur Deniz, Turkey & tba

Ahmet Ozen, Turkey
Early onset protein losing enteropathy and thrombosis in inherited CD55 deficiency

Anne Puel, France
Primary immunodeficiances

Kaan Boztug, Austria
Novel Monogenic Causes of Immune Dysregulation


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