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Business & Ancillary Meetings

ECI 2018 is the best place to get in touch with the immunology community. A certain number of meeting rooms are designated for your General Assembly, committee meetings, business or working group meetings.  

Business or ancillary meetings are considered being "closed", non-commercial meetings limited to a group of people, e.g. board/committee/working group with up to 30-40 attendees (limited by room size).   

Business Meeting Schedule

BA.02DGfI Board MeetingSeptember 211:00-14:00Meeting Room 3 (D201)per invitation only
BA.28DC4 Balance ConsortiumSeptember 310:00-12:00Meeting Room 4 (G110)per invitation only
BA.03NVVI General AssemblySeptember 312:45-13:45Meeting Room 5 (G109)open to NVVI members
BA.04SSI Council Meeting September 313:15-14:30Meeting Room 3 (D201)per invitation only
BA.06Acteria Alumni MeetingSeptember 314:45-16:00Meeting Room 5 (G109)open
BA.07IUIS-EFIS Annual Collaboration Review MeetingSeptember 315:30-17:00Meeting Room 1 (G108)per invitation only
BA.08ÖGAI General AssemblySeptember 317:30-18:30Meeting Room 4 (G110)open to ÖGAI members
BA.09Scandinavian Journal of Immunology - Editorial Board Meeting September 317:30-19:30Meeting Room 3 (D201)per invitation only
BA.10DGfI General AssemblySeptember 318:00-19:30Meeting Room 6 (D202)open to DGfI members
BA.25European Journal of Immunology Alumni meeting (Wiley)September 318:00-19:30Meeting Room 5 (G109)per invitation only
BA.26Consortium meeting Target to BSeptember 408:30-12:30Meeting Room 5 (G109)per invitation only
BA.11DGfI Public Relations CommissionSeptember 412:00-14:00Meeting Room 2 (G101)per invitation only
BA.12EEIG ECI-EFIS General MeetingSeptember 412:00-14:00Meeting Room 3 (D201)per invitation only
BA.13SIICA Board MeetingSeptember 412:45-15:00Meeting Room 1 (G108)per invitation only
BA.14BIS General AssemblySeptember 413:00-14:00Meeting Room 4 (G110)open to BIS members
BA.15SSI General Assembly September 413:15-14:30Meeting Room 6 (D202)open to SSI members
BA.16EFIS General AssemblySeptember 414:00-17:00Meeting Room 5 (G109)per invitation only
BA.27BSI/DGfI InitiativesSeptember 415:00-16:00Meeting Room 3 (D201)per intvitation only
BA.17EFIS Board MeetingSeptember 417:00-18:00Meeting Room 1 (G108)per invitation only
BA.18SIICA General AssemblySeptember 417:00-19:00Meeting Room 6 (D202)open to SIICA members
BA.19DGfI Forum "Former Presidents and Secretary Generals"September 417:30-19:30Meeting Room 2 (G101)per invitation only
BA.20SEI Board MeetingSeptember 417:45-18:30 Meeting Room 4 (G110)per invitation only
BA.21SEI General AssemblySeptember 418:30-19:30Meeting Room 4 (G110)open to SEI members
BA.22DGfI Committee Gender Equality and Career SupportSeptember 418:00-19:30Meeting Room 3 (D201)per invitation only
BA.23ENII Alumni Get-together September 418:00-19:30Meeting Room 5 (G109)per invitation only
BA.24SFI General Assembly September 510:15-11:15Meeting Room 6 (D202)open to SFI members

How to apply for a slot?

ECI 2018 has reserved a small number of rooms, which can be offered free.  Please note that available time-slots are limited and handled on a first-come first-served basis.

Please submit your room inquiries to the conference organizer to including the following Information:

  • Preferred date
  • Preferred timeslot
  • Preferred meeting room
  • Number of expected participants
  • Access criteria (closed - per invitation only, open to members of the respective society only, or open to all participants of the ECI congress)

General guidelines

1. Rooms include only basic technical equipment (screen, projector but NO laptop)
2. The rooms are only available during conference hours
3. Meeting rooms will be allocated according to the number of attendees/seating arrangement and availability
4. Catering or additional AV Equipment is not included and can be booked at cost
5. All participants of your meeting must be registered delegates of ECI 2018
6. All meetings will be listed on the ECI 2018 homepage, your logo and/ or links to your website can be added if required

Please note the booking deadline for meeting rooms will be June 29, 2018.

Available rooms

Room namemax. capacity set-up u-shapemax. capacity set-up theatre style
Meeting room 1 (G108)14 PAXn/a
Meeting room 2 (G101)16 PAXn/a
Meeting room 3 (D201)22 PAXn/a
Meeting room 4 (G110)n/a32 PAX
Meeting room 5 (G109)n/a88 PAX
Meeting room 6 (D202)n/a98 PAX