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ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS and Ita Askonas Awards Ceremony

Monday, September 3, 2018; 10:15-11:30; Room: E104-107

Chairpersons: Anne Hosmalin, France, Catherine Sautès-Fridman, France, & René van Lier, The Netherlands

Ita Askonas Award Laureates

Katja Simon, United Kingdom
The recycled self-autophagy in the immune system

Jenny Mjösberg
The discovery and characterization of human ILC2. What have we learned during the first decade?

ACTERIA Prizes awarded by EFIS Laureates

Samuel Philip Nobs, Israel - Doctoral Prize in Allergology
Tissue-specific factors in lung immunity

Eduardo Bonavita, United Kingdom - Doctoral Prize in Immunology
The deconvolution of cancer related inflammation: identification of new players in the tumour microenvironment

Muzlifah Haniffa, United Kingdom - Early Career Research Prize in Allergology
Deconstructing the human immune system

Andrea Ablasser, Switzerland - Early Career Research Prize in Immunology
Intracellular DNA sensing in health and disease

Closing Award Ceremony

Wednesday, September 5, 2018; 16:45-17:30; Room: Elicium

EFIS-Biolegend Bright Sparks Awards & Poster Awards